Mod: mtel Premijer Liga BiH FIFA22 for MM 1.1.1

This mod is the first version of the m:tel PL BiH Mod. It adds the National League as a playable and functional league into FIFA as well as 12 new teams from PL B&H. Specific graphics for the Kup BiH. League specific dynamic adboards. New static adboards for leagues and competitions. ArenaSport TV Logo. Massive database overhaul. 500 new players added together with managers and all new names for scouts and youth player regens.    Installation: 1. Download the mod file found on this page and the squad file by clicking here. 2. Place the mod file in the mod manager 3. Place the squad file in settings folder of FIFA 22 in your Documents/FIFA22/settings/ folder 4. Launch the game using mod manager 5. Once you are in game, go to customize, then click on settings, then click on load squads and select PLBiH squad file. 6. Start your career     Note : The mod is compatible with the latest EA update! , [embedpress][/embedpress]

Theme Mod: Edin Džeko FIFA22

Theme Mod: Edin Džeko FIFA22 Background graphics updated and given fresh new look.    Download the file First... download the file! Use FIFA22 Mode Manager to open the file and launch. , [embedpress][/embedpress]