every Player from pl bIh is here - All stats

New Leauge, All Teams

Premijer Liga BiH with all 12 teams, customized team info, transfer budget, team tactics and colors. BH national team is playable in CM.

All New Graphics

Specific graphics for the Kup BiH. League specific dynamic adboards. New static adboards for leagues and competitions. ArenaSport TV Logo

Real Players

Massive database overhaul. 500 new players added together with managers and all new names for scouts and future youth players.

Ways to play with the mod...

Play Career Mode with any of the Premijer Liga BiH teams. Get called up to the BH National Team.

Play Manager Mode with any of the Premijer Liga BiH teams. Become a Coach of the BH National Team.

Send scouts to  find best BH talent and develop them in World Class Players. Players as young as 14yrs can be recruited. Large number of young BH players added for regen.

It is possible to watch the FIFA game or play like a football manager thanks to another mod. Will have the details on the download page.